Basic principle

Better casing for better sausage

For more than 50 years we have focussed on the procurement, processing and supply of natural casing products to our customers in the business of sausage manufacturing. Therefore, our company slogan “…we give the sausage its natural skin!” therefore describes our core expertise concisely and accurately.

Our complete range of natural casings offers every conceivable variety, processing, calibre and quality of all types of packaging required.

In addition, we have created one of the most internationally complex networks between raw material suppliers and customers, which is built on a high performaning organization of procurement, production, storage and delivery logistics. Our technological facilities are ultra-modern but we still hold on to the aspect of tradition in our production philosophy, which has always attached great importance to the natural casing as one of the most essential raw materials for the food industry.

After all, natural casing is the oldest “packaging” for sausage. Even though artificial casings have also been developed for sausage processing in the meantime, many manufacturers intentionally use natural casings especially for their top quality products. This is not just to reflect the tradition and expertise of a skilled craft.

Thus, experts agree on the outstanding quality and excellence of

natural casings. Natural sausage casings are defined by their natural look and their crispy taste in all cured sausages.

The sausage is able to breathe and thus matures particularly well. The natural skin gives the sausage its characteristic flavor when smoked, too.Quality is of top priority when it comes to the processing of natural casings. This is guaranteed by means of thorough, stringent hygiene inspection and uncompromising compliance with the strictest regulations. The consumer can therefore be absolutely assured that natural casings meet the highest quality and health standards.

We support our customers in the sausage industry and trade in successfully marketing their sausage products by means of our core competence. After all, “we pack the sausage” of our customers with high-quality Peter Gelhard Natural Sausage Casing products.