Craft quality

Our production is quality in series

More than 1,800 employees, a worldwide network of raw materials suppliers, three central production and warehouse locations in Germany, in Poland and in China: This is the performance level standard of work behind the Peter Gelhard Natural Casings brand.

The finishing refinement and production of the highest quality natural casing products is the core competence which makes Peter Gelhard a premium supply partner for nearly all national and international customer companies.


Peter Gelhard is quality

Peter Gelhard natural casing products carry the license number EV 11-001 C, which identifies the company as having a business licensed and beeing strictly supervised by the EU for the sorting and processing of natural casings, with annual audits in conformity with the demanding food safety and quality criteria of the International Featured Standards (IFS Food) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC). A quality management system guarantees complete traceability of each individual product unit. Quality, signed and sealed.

Peter Gelhard is tradition

Peter Gelhard Natural Casings, with headquarters in Ransbach-Baumbach in Westerwald, is a family company founded in 1964, and has long been one of the largest suppliers worldwide of natural casing products for sausage manufacturing.

The group of companies is managed by the founder, Peter Gelhard, together with his son Arnd Gelhard and daughter Petra Gelhard-Fuchs. Today the traditional values of series production with quality craftsmanship still count.

Peter Gelhard is innovation

Alongside the classic manufacture of natural casing products, the company has also adapted to the high intensity production requirements of the industry, and offers ready-to-fill tube systems for the quickest possible casing change when filling with sausage. They are available in strips or on tubes and in various lengths and calibres. Our own brand RHEINGOLD gives customers absolute premium quality.


Peter Gelhard is international

Peter Gelhard Natural Casings has known its markets for more than 50 years. In the procurement markets Europe, China, South America, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle Eastern countries, the group of companies is considered as a prime address. International brand sausage manufacturers, small and medium sized companies and specialist retail and wholesale trade value Peter Gelhard Natural Casings as one of the strongest supply partners and market leaders for high quality natural casing products.