Natural skin

Do you know a better skin than the natural one?

Probably not? Because you cannot improve on nature. Natural sheep, hog and beef casings are therefore also the best casings you can put quality sausages in. Naturally!


Sausages in natural casings are traditional

Natural casings have been used as a tasty casing for sausages for more than 2,000 years. Many exquisite sausage recipes go back to the Middle Ages, when sheep, beef and hog casings were used, to survive such long, cold winters. Today this natural product is used as a casing for more than half of the exceptionally rich variety of sausages in Germany and its neighbouring countries. Modern consumers consider sausages in natural casings as high quality, with traditional craftsmanship.

Sausages in natural casings are a speciality

German and international sausage specialities range from hearty and substantial to delicate and sophisticated. Many classic and traditional recipes have become truly famous internationally. These quite special types of sausages are considered to be delicacies among connoisseurs as a delicatessen product and are very much sought after among gourmets. And because tradition ties in with nature, only sheep, hog and beef natural casings encase these kinds of quality sausages and refine them into absolute delicacies.

Sausages in natural casings are quality

Natural casings are particularly suitable for manufacturing high quality sausage types. For many of them they are even indispensable. For example, Thuringia, Nuremberg and Munich white sausage can only be manufactured in natural casings. The casings themselves are taste neutral. However, they promote the sausages’ maturation process and have excellent smoking properties. And as everyone knows, it is only the natural casing which gives a quality sausage its renowned appetising, tender, crispy taste.


Natural casings are regional


With more than 1,500 different kinds of sausage, Germany is the number one sausage paradise and is well known for its regional sausage specialities. Here, Holsteiner Bauernblutwurst, Hamburger Gekochte, Bremer Pinkel, Muenchner Weisswurst, Muenchner Bockwurst, Nuernberger und Co., Halberstaedter, Doebelner, Thueringer, Frankfurter, Ahle-Wurst and many more are highly valued. Connoisseur regions in the neighbouring countries offer gourmets a host of sausage specialities. And all of them are in natural casings.