Data privacy statement

Data privacy statement

Peter Gelhard Naturdärme KG
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We are glad that you visit our website. Your privacy and the related protection of your person-related data are very important to us. Therefore, our commercial acting is in conformance with the applicable legal regulation about data privacy and data security. It is very important to us that you feel safe when visiting us. It is for this reason, that we and our data privacy officer place significant importance on the adherence to legal data privacy requirements.
We are aware of the importance of the data that you provide and would like to inform you about it in the following:

  • about the purposes for which your (person-related) data is acquired, processed and used,
  • how we handle and protect your data,
  • to whom we make your data available and


Please review the following explanations thoroughly. Please contact our data privacy officer in case you have questions. The contact information can be found further down in this data privacy statement.

1   Terminology

Data privacy is a complex subject. We have listed a number of term definitions to simplify the understanding of this data privacy statement.

In accordance with art. 28 of the basic data privacy regulation (DS-GVO) (previously “Order data processing” (in short ADV) as per § 11 of the Federal Data Privacy law (BDSG)), “Order processing” is a service which acquires, processes and/or uses person-related data on behalf and under the direction of the above mentioned responsible person by a service provider (order processor as per DS-GVO and the order data processor as per BDSG). We establish a special contract with the service provider and ensure additional measures to protect your person related data before such an order is awarded to a service provider.

Cookies” are small text files, which are stored on the terminal (e.g. computer or smart phone) used by you and which store certain settings and data for the exchange with our system through your browser. A cookie includes normally the name of the website visited from which the cookie data has been sent, information about the age of the cookie and an alphanumerical identification attribute. Cookies permit the identification of the user device and make possible pre-settings immediately available.

Third-party is an individual or a legal entity or body – except the affected person, the responsible person, the order processor and the persons – which are authorized under the direct responsibility of the responsible person to process the person-related data, see art. 4 No, 10 DS-GVO. For example, a third-party is not a service provider that receives person-related data as part of an order processing in accordance with art. 28 DS-GVO or § 11 BDSG.

IP addresses are number sequences that can be allocated to individual IT devices or a group. Similar to postal addresses, the IP is used to be able to allocate data to the correct recipient.

Person-related data” is information that refers to an identified or identifiable individual, especially first name, last name, birth date, email address, postal address, as well as bank and payment data but also health data, see art. 4 No. 1 DS-GVO (individual information about a certain or identifiable individual in accordance with § 3 para. 1 BDSG).
”Responsible person” in accordance with art. 4 No. 7 DS-GVO (previously “Responsible body” as per § 3 para. 7 BDSG) is each person or body, who/which solely or jointly with others decides about the purposes and means of the processing of person-related data. (here: website operator).

2  Responsible person

The responsible person with respect to your person-related data on this website is:

Peter Gelhard Naturdärme KG
Industriegebiet Rohr
Sälzer Straße 17-21
D-56235 Ransbach-Baumbach
Phone: +49 (0) 26 23 – 20 88 0
Fax: +49 (0) 26 23 – 20 03

Should a body other than the body listed above be the “responsible person” in accordance with the basic data privacy regulation or the BDSG, then you will be informed explicitly about this fact, assumed it is not obvious.

3    Usage of the website

3.1    Cookies

Data is recorded during each visit to this website and this includes the call up of files. For this purpose, we use your IP address or use cookies to collect data. This occurs, among others, for your browser, your computer and the sub-pages you visited.
We need these data to make the visit to our website as comfortable as possible. However, we do not perform individual profiles about your usage behavior. The analysis about the usage behavior is always performed in an anonymized format. The basic use of the web offering is normally also possible without cookies. However, we cannot exclude a restriction of the website usage or a restricted user friendliness.
Most of the popular browsers permit the deactivation of cookies or a restriction to certain websites. The browsers also have the capability to inform you as soon as cookies are used.
You can delete cookies at any time from your hard drive. However, we cannot exclude a restriction of the website usage or a lower user friendliness also for this case. Our external data privacy officer provides on its Internet pages (caution, external link(s)) the guideline “Display, remove and delete cookies – data privacy with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.”. If you use a different browser, you can inform yourself about cookies on the websites of your browser manufacturer.

3.2    Transfer of your data, use of service providers

We acquire and use your data in accordance with the legal requirements and only for our own purposes. A transfer to so-called third-parties is not performed, except if a legal obligation exists for this purpose or after you have agreed to the transfer.

If the provision of our offering requires the assignment of additional service providers and if we grant the service providers possibly required access to your data, then we have, of course, established a contract for the order processing (in short AV contract) in accordance with art. 28 of the basic data privacy regulation or § 11 BDSG with our service providers for the order processing (in short order processor). We also remain responsible for the protection of your data. Based on the contract that we established, the service providers used are not viewed as third-parties.

3.3    Communication via email, contact form, phone or fax

If you contact us via email, fax, phone or through one of the usable contact forms, then we use your information to get in contact with you for the purpose-related consultation that we can derive from your inquiry in accordance with your request.

Your person-related data is only further used as far as legal regulations permit this or after you have agreed.

3.4    Duration of the use/storage

Your person-related data is only deleted assumed that the legal filing obligations are not opposed to this and after you made a deletion request, if the data is no longer required for the fulfillment of the purpose related to the storage or if the storage is not permitted for other legal reasons.

3.5    Location of the data use

Your data are normally processed in Germany. Information provided to us can, in exceptional cases, be stored on servers within the European Union (EU). If we should deviate from the above as the “responsible party”, then we will inform you about the fact.

4    Integration of third-party services and content

4.1    General information

As part of the online offering, it can happen that the offerings of third-parties, such as videos by Vimeo, maps by Google Maps, ePaper by Yumpu or graphics by other websites, are integrated. This always assumes that the providers of these contents (hereafter called “third-party provider”) utilize the IP address of the users. The third-party providers normally need the IP address to send the content to the browser of the respective user. Therefore, the IP to address is required for the presentation of these contents. We make an effort to only use those contents whose provider use the IP address only for the delivery of the contents. However, we have no influence if the third-party providers store the IP address, for example, for statistical purposes. If we know about it, then we will inform you.

4.2    Use of Google Analytics

This website uses the web analysis service “Google Analytics” by Google Inc., which is used to store so-called “cookies” (small text files) on your computer. An analysis of the use of the website is possible through the information generated by the cookies. The information generated by the cookies about your use of this website is normally transferred to a Google Inc. server in the US and it is stored there.
Within the member states of the European Union or in other contract countries of the agreement about the European Economic Area, your IP address is normally shortened by Google. In exceptional cases, your full IP address may be sent to a US server of Google Inc. and will therefore only be shortened in the US.
On behalf of the website operator, Google Inc. will use the information to analyze your website usage. The acquired data will not be combined by Google with other data.
If you do not want that cookies are stored, then you can prevent this through appropriate settings on your browser. However, we explicitly point out that it may be possible that not all functions of the website will be available to you in this case. You can download and install a so-called browser plug-in using the following website for those cases in which you only want to prevent the processing of the files by Google Inc.:
 The browser plug-in should be available for the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (current version), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera.
As the operator of this website, we established a special agreement for the order data processing (ADV) in accordance with § 11 BDSG with Google Analytics Germany.

4.3    Usage of Piwik

The website also uses the web analysis service “Piwik”. Piwik uses cookies, text files which are stored on your computer and which permit a usage analysis of the website by us. The information generated by cookies about the use of this website (including your shortened IP address) will be transferred to our servers and will be stored there.

If you do not want that cookies are stored, then you can prevent this through appropriate settings on your browser. However, we explicitly point out that it may be possible that not all functions of the website will be available to you in this case. Please click here in case that you only want to prevent the data acquisition and analysis by Piwik:
Please note that the Piwik deactivation cookie (opt-out cookie) will be removed if you delete all cookies stored on your browser. In addition, you must deactivate the web analysis service again if you use a different computer or a different web browser

4.4    Usage of Google Maps

We have integrated the “Google Maps” service by Google Inc. (“Google”) on our website to show you how you can reach us.
The respective map contents will be called up in this connection from Google servers. It is possible that Google records and stores, among others, your IP address when calling up external Google servers in the US. The data privacy information provided by Google can be found in the Google data privacy statement: The usage conditions of Google Maps can be called up as follows:

4.5 Usage of Google Maps fonts

This website uses so-called web fonts for the uniform presentation of font types, which are provided by Google. When calling up our Internet pages, your browser uploads the required web fonts into your browser cache to be able to present texts and font types correctly. If your browser does not support web fonts, then a standard font on your computer will be used.

Additional information about Google web fonts can be found in the Google data privacy statement: and under

4.6    Usage of Vimeo

This website integrates videos through Vimeo, a service of Vimeo, LLC (“Vimeo”). If you call up a Vimeo video, then a connection to the Vimeo servers in the US will be established. It is possible that Vimeo records and stores, among others, your IP address when calling external Vimeo servers in the US up. It is also possible, that Vimeo installed cookies on your computer. If you do not want that cookies are stored, then you can prevent this through appropriate settings on your browser.
Additional information about the acquisition and use of your data by Vimeo as well as your respective rights can be found in the Vimeo data privacy statement under

4.7    Usage of Yumpu

We integrate online magazines (ePaper) on our website through (“Yumpu”), a service of i-magazine AG. If you call up online magazines on our website, then a connection to the Yumpu servers in Switzerland will be established. The call up of the online magazines assumes that Yumpu identifies the IP address of the users, because the contents can normally not be sent to the browsers without the IP address.

Additional information about Yumpu can be found in the data privacy statement of i-magazine AG:

5    Data security/safe data transfer

We would like to inform you that safety gaps can occur during the data transfer on the Internet (e.g. by email). A complete protection against access by third-parties is therefore not possible. We protect our IT systems (including the website(s)) by using so-called technical and organizational measures (in short TOM) against unwanted: admission, access, transfer, input, loss and distribution as well as destruction and change by unauthorized persons.
Your IP address as well as date and time of your visit will be recorded to provide data security.

6    Rights of affected persons/data privacy officer

Our external data privacy officer is the contact person for the protection of their rights of affected persons (contact data see below).

6.1    Right of objection

You can object at any time against the usage of your information effective for the future.

6.2    Right of correction

In addition, you can request that incorrect information about your person must be corrected, assumed that you cannot perform the change yourself.

6.3    Right to information

Based on the legal prerequisites and as part of your right to information, you can of course request information about the data that we have stored about you and for which purpose.

6.4    Data privacy officer

If you want to use your right of an affected person and also your right for the deletion or blockage, please contact our officer for the data privacy (data privacy officer) with an adequate legitimation and preferably in writing:

Brands Consulting | Datenschutz & Beratung
Mrs. Xenia Gefel
Subject: Peter Gelhard Natürdärme KG
Auf dem Hahn 11
D-56412 Niedererbach (Westerwald)

or also through the address of Peter Gelhard Naturdärme KG to the data privacy officer:

Data privacy officer – personal

Peter Gelhard Naturdärme KG
Industriegebiet Rohr
Sälzer Straße 17-21
D-56235 Ransbach-Baumbach

7    External links and information on the website

We do not accept any liability for external links and the offerings of third-parties provided through the links. In addition, we refer to the fact that the information on this website is only provided for information acquisition and that it does not have any binding effect.

8    Changes to the data privacy statement

Advancing technology, the legal requirements or changed processes can, among others, also have an impact on this data privacy statement. Therefore, we reserve the right to change this data privacy statement at any time with an effect for the future. The respectively current version of the data privacy statement can be found on this website. Please visit this sub-page of the homepage frequently to inform yourself about the valid regulations.

Status: 11.12.2017