Experience and expertise of tradition

The expertise and experience in the production of natural casing products which are ready for processing is based upon the tradition development of the family business over the course of more than 55 years.

We support our customers in the sausage industry and trade in successfully marketing their sausage products by means of our core competence. After all, “we pack the sausage” of our customers with high-quality Peter Gelhard Natural Sausage Casing products.

Peter Gelhard
Peter GelhardCompany founder / Managing Director

Founded in 1964 by Peter Gelhard as the only staff member, the company has developed into a worldwide, specialized company operating in the processing of natural casing, which today occupies an important position in its markets.

Quality not only dominates the areas of products and production at Peter Gelhard, but is applied strictly in all areas of customer contact, too.

With entrepreneurial vision he has geared the company toward the increasing demands of the markets in the future.

Arnd Gelhard
Arnd GelhardManaging Director

Arnd Gelhard has solidly based market knowledge from his experience of more than 25 years in the company.

As the current managing director he is the second generation of the family to take over management of the company.

He is regarded as a proven specialist in all customer-oriented production processes relating to natural casing products, ranging from worldwide raw materials procurement to complex warehouse and delivery logistics.

In the field of production, he has set new standards in refinement processes and quality assurance. This is very much in the interests of our international customers in the sausage industry, with whom he is in regular contact with, as he is with our partner companies in the procurement markets.

Petra Gelhard-Fuchs
Petra Gelhard-FuchsManaging Director

The daughter of the company founder is responsible for marketing and communication.

During her experience of more than 30 years, she has worked in all areas of administration and has acquired the comprehensive business and industry specific knowledge needed for successful marketing of natural casing products.

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