Internationally present

The expertise and experience in the production of natural casing products which are ready for processing is based upon the tradition development of the family business over the course of around 55 years.

Founded in 1964 by Peter Gelhard as the only staff member, the company has developed into a worldwide, specialized company operating in the processing of natural casing, which today occupies an important position in its markets. Quality not only dominates the areas of products and production at Peter Gelhard, but is applied strictly in all areas of customer contact, too.

Think global – act local

Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany

Peter Gelhard is active worldwide in China, South America, the Middle East and its European neighbours. Yet the headquarters of what has grown into a group of affiliated companies in the meantime consciously remains in the location where the company was founded in Ransbach-Baumbach.

It is from here that management of all of the procurement, production and quality logistics for the company is carried out.

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Production locations

Shanghai, China

Baoding, China

Zukowo, Poland

Sales locations

Sakskobing, Denmark

Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Zukowo, Poland

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